6.5mm (.264) Caliber, 135 Gr. BT, triple radius nose (24/16/9 caliber), 0.050” meplat. Tested BC: G1 .63; G7 .316. Shank diameter: .2643″. (Note: as of 11/11/17 DATA collection, based upon drop from near-range zeros, has produced G7 ranging between .31 & .316, and G1 between .625 to .63.)

Made in Ulrich carbide dies, using Sierra jackets. Recommended barrel twist-rate: 1:9″, or faster. At STD sea-level conditions, and 2500 FPS MV, this twist will result in Sg  1.5. These bullets have been thoroughly tested, in varying , monitored atmospheric conditions, and have held-up to these standards. These bullets are being made and shipped: $500.00 per 1,000, plus shipping. Minimum order, one box of 250. All shipping via U.S. Priority Flat Rate Mail, to USA only. Payment via either personal check, or, money-order. Please call, or, e-mail with questions:

R.G. Robinett

515-438-4010 – week days during business hours (CST)